Beautiful Complicity ©: The new album by 6000 Miles now available.

A casual meeting between two musicians, who have always tried to express themselves through music.

Separated by 6000 Miles, they discovered their musical affinity online, and combined their ideas to merge them into their first album: Beautiful Complicity.

The album is a trail of songs written and produced entirely in Italy and Mexico from April to November 2017 by both musicians.

Consists in 11 tracks with evolving atmospheres and sounds that invite you to close your eyes and dream.

6000 Miles is a musical project created by Valentina Ruberti (Italy) and Fernando Robles (Mexico). They met each other at the BandHub music online collaborations platform in November 2016. Few months later, after discovering their affinity and their way to see music, they decided to start composing and recording the songs for their first production.

Valentina started singing at 8 and writing songs when she was 14.

From 2004 she continued her music career with a project called "Eteria Diva", a band with which she won some Italian competitions and scholarships that took her to study at the European Center of Toscolano, the school of Maestro Giulio Rapetti Mogol. The history of "Eteria Diva" ended in 2015, with the definitive dissolution of the band.

Parallel to this project, she is part of a series of bands in the North of Italy, playing international covers live in different venues.

The meeting with Fernando, however, as she says, "will mark a turning point on her way of making music".

Valentina Ruberti Fernando Robles ABOUT

Fernando started playing classical guitar and composing when he was 13. At 16 he also started playing bass guitar. The first project he was part of is called Seda Negra (band still active). He left in 1996. In 2002 he started studying musical production and sound engineering.

In 2004 he released an album with a project called "Puerta 4" along with guitarist Carlos Lopez. The band ended in 2006. Now-a-days, 6000 Miles has become his musical priority. "Working with Valentina has made me see music in a different way, allowing me to produce and enjoy the music I ever wanted to do", as he states.


All production, lyrics, instruments and arrangements by Valentina Ruberti and Fernando Robles.

Special guests:

● Felipe Rodriguez, electric guitar in (2) Clouds Of Light, (5) Time Isn't Real and (7) Flying In My Room.

● Lou De Angelis, percussions in (10) Mr Button Up.

● Massimo Modena, transverse flute in (8) Let Me Laugh A Lot.

Mixed and mastered by Emiliano Pilloni at MusicLab, Settimo Torinese, Italy, November 2017.

© 6000 Miles Music 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Beautiful Complicity, the first album of 6000 Miles, was recorded from April 2017 to November 2017 in Turin, Italy, and Mexico City, Mexico.

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1   Rainy May Night

2   Clouds Of Light

3   Beautiful Complicity

4   Uncomfortable

5   Time Isn't Real

6   Wronged

7   Flying In My Room

8   Let Me Laugh A Lot

9   One Less Time

10  Mr. Button Up

11  While You Are Sleeping


Photos by Matteo Follo

Balangero, Turin, Italy

November 12, 2017

Clouds of Light

Music video

January 2018


Acoustic version

Recorded both in Italy and Mexico in May 2017, mixed at home studio. Not released.

Vocals: Valentina. Guitars and bass: Fernando.

Flying in my Room

Acoustic home version

Valentina and Fernando playing together face-to-face. Recorded in Italy. Nov 2017.

Vocals: Valentina. Guitar: Fernando.

Beautiful Complicity

Acoustic home version

First ever recording of Valentina and Fernando playing together face-to-face. Italy, Nov 2017.

Vocals: Valentina. Guitar: Fernando.

6000 Miles Session

Short video

During recording and mixing sessions.


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